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RT Scanner Rental for Pet Travel

PETIDCO rents RT Scanners that can detect microchips (transponders) using either 125KHz FDXA, or 134.2KHz FDXB (ISO 11784/11785) for pets that are traveling overseas.

Your credit card will be charged for the full price of the scanner in the amount of $295.00 plus shipping and applicable taxes.

The cost of renting the scanner is $75.00 per month which will start the day we ship you the scanner and ending the day we receive the scanner back. You may either keep the scanner for the deposit cost of $295.00 or return it at any time at your cost.

Once the scanner, box and instructions have been returned to PETIDCO, the rental period ends. We will issue a credit of $295.00 less the rental charge of $75.00 per month. Shipping will not be refunded. If the unit is not in working order when returned, we will deduct for any cleaning or repairs made to the unit.

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